3 Types of Desserts and the Coffee That Goes Well with Them

Posted by Woodshed Roasting Company on 3/14/2015 to Coffee Flavors

Everybody knows what a delightful treat it is to pair your dessert with the right kind of coffee. Many people have become accustomed to drinking their coffee after a major meal, whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's certainly a delicious, uplifting experience.

If you intend to prepare a complete meal for some guests, you're planning on throwing a small lunch or dinner get-together, or you're cooking up a dessert promo for your own café, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the ideal dessert and coffee pairings that will help you come up with the best combinations that people will surely love.


Thinking of serving moist chocolate cake or brownie ala mode? For chocolatey desserts like such, it's best to go for full-bodied coffee types--- those that are on the heavier side, with darker roasts and deeper tastes. Avoid coffee with flavors that taste similar to chocolate.  


For cream-based desserts such as custards, cheesecakes, and tortes, it's important to also choose full-bodied coffee which matches the richness of the dessert. You can try coffee flavors that help to balance the creaminess or sweetness, such as medium to dark roast coffee with hints of bitter dark chocolate, nut, and cherry flavors.


What about when having fresh fruit salads, meringues, and fruit-based pies? These desserts are best coupled with light-bodied, light-roasted coffee. This kind of coffee often lets you taste more of the flavor it has. For example, you can pick out bright citrus-flavored coffee or go for one infused with caramel, honey, or other fruit flavors.

Indeed dessert and coffee go together well. However, becoming aware of the above recommendations for the ideal blends or pairings will help bring out the best taste that will surely be appreciated by you and your guests.

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