All About Creating The Perfect Iced Coffee To Beat The Summer Heat

Posted by Woodshed Roast on 8/22/2014 to General

The summer heat is upon us and everyone is definitely feeling its intensity, especially during the day. This could mean bad news for coffee lovers, who want to enjoy their daily morning brew to jump start their day. This pushes them to just head to the nearest Starbucks to grab iced coffee—but do you know that iced coffees are pretty easy to do at home as well? Here are some must-knows and tips on how you can brew and mix your own iced coffee just like how the pros do it.

The main differences between a hot brewed and cold brewed coffee are in its flavor and acidity. Hot coffee has a much higher acidity and stronger flavor, which makes for a perfect morning pick-me-upper. On the other hand, iced coffee doesn’t really have the distinct high and low notes of a hot brew, but it does make for a smoother-tasting and refreshing drink. Another plus for cold brewed coffee is how you can easily store it and drink it when you choose to, as opposed to hot coffee that has storage limitations.

Iced coffee can be done in two simple ways: first is to brew a stronger cup before adding ice, or brewing it cold from the start. Looking for various recipes online can also help in creating your iced coffee, especially if you’re looking for a more specific kind of iced coffee mix. Just as different people have varying preferences for their hot brew, the same goes for a cold brewed coffee as well. The best part in concocting the perfect blend of iced coffee is in its final touches, which includes adding milk, cream, or even syrup and condensed milk to complete the smooth and sweet taste.

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