Bulletproof Coffee: Another Wacky Fad

Posted by Woodshed Roasting Company on 3/26/2015 to General
Bulletproof coffee has been making the rounds and some coffee drinkers seem to be swearing by it. But this new trend might not be as bulletproof as it purports to be. Bulletproof coffee is a great name for a beverage that claims to boost energy and provide other health benefits. But before you play Russian roulette with your coffee, you might want to consider whether these claims are true, or whether they might, in fact, be doing more harm than good.

What exactly makes this morning beverage bulletproof? The trend taking place isn’t necessarily the coffee itself, but the way it’s being consumed. By adding two tablespoons of unsalted, organic, grass-fed butter, and one to two tablespoons of MCT oil mixed into two cups of coffee is supposed to be a healthy substitute for breakfast. This is where to problem lies. By skipping breakfast, you’re not getting the calories and nutrition you need to function at your best by replacing it with an augmented cup of coffee. Allegedly, the saturated fats in the butter and MCT oil is supposed to increase energy, and help reduce the crash most people experience later in the day.  But again, you’re not getting the nutrition you need from eating actual food.

So you’ve heard of butter, but what is MCT oil?

MCT oil stands for “medium chain triglycerides” is manufactured from coconut oil. Yikes. Actually, medium chain triglycerides are good for you. They contain some essential fatty acids which promote healthy metabolism and could help reduce the risk of some debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. But why use a manufactured oil when you could use the real thing? And therein lies another debate.

I’m curious to test the theory -- who couldn’t use an extra energy boost these days? But in all honesty, it all just sounds like too much work to me, and the thought of drinking buttery coconut coffee make my stomach a little fearful. Plus, I like the feeling of solid food in my belly and a nice hot cup of fresh coffee to go with it.