Coffee Recipes-Inspirations for Roasted Coffee

Posted by Woodshed Roasting Company on 4/10/2015 to General
For many people, coffee is hot, black and bitter and in some cases, a cup of coffee can be flavored or topped with froth. While these are the common preparations for coffee, keep in mind that there are other alternative preparations for these beans that can deliver the flavor and perk up your sluggish mornings. Here are alternative preparations for coffee that are equally delicious. 

Iced coffee and cold brews to perk up a hot day

If you are the experimental type, try flavored coffee for a different coffee experience every morning or cold brew when the temperature becomes unbearably hot. Iced coffee and cold brew are two different concoctions with coffee as the main draw. Iced coffee is a cold variant of coffee, where the traditional way of preparation involves pouring of coffee over ice or chilled first before pouring the concoction over ice. And since the sweetener like sugar will not easily dissolve in cold water, sugar or sweetener is added into hot base before pouring into ice. 

Another option for those looking for a refreshing coffee drink is cold brew. Cold brew isn’t your traditional iced coffee where the drink is poured over ice; coffee beans or roasted coffee beans are brewed by steeping the beans in cold water for hours depending on the recipe. Whatever the brewing method or recipe for the cold drink, it is often recommended that coffee should be brewed at higher strength since coffee strength is diluted by water. 

Coffee for cakes and other dishes 

Beyond cold brew and iced coffee, there are other uses for coffee inside the kitchen. Coffee grounds can be added to a number of food recipes as well to come up with sweet, savory and often exotic desserts and dishes. The bitterness and acidity that come with roasted coffee can work well with bold and sweet taste of a number of ingredients. A popular use of coffee in the kitchen can be found in a number of cake recipes. Cakes and desserts like the Italian-inspired tiramisu will never materialize without adding coffee into the mix. 

Coffee can also do wonders in a number of desserts including brownies. For example, you can whip out Jamaican coffee brownies with pecans, using the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee as the base ingredient. Jamaican coffee lacks the typical bitterness, and rated best for its sweet flavor which work well for different types of desserts. And did you know that adventurous chefs also use coffee as a flavoring and meat tenderizer? A slab of meat can be dipped in coffee before grilling, or you can rub coffee grounds on both sides to heighten the flavor. 

Coffee is highly flexible and can work in a variety of recipes, from drinks to desserts and main dishes. It’s best as a trusted hot drink to perk up your lazy mornings, and better when used as an ingredient in different recipes and dishes.