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We were recently featured in an article about Locally Roasted Organic and Specialized Coffees at Woodshed Roasting Company, Where Life's Too Short for Bad Coffee If you're interested in New Hampshire Real Estate, check out some of what they have to offer for Laconia, NH Real Estate

From Light to Dark: Which Coffee Roast Suits You?

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Before you go shopping for coffee, you might want to know the difference among the various levels of roast. This way, you can limit your options and decide on one that would suit your taste and purpose best.

Roasted coffee beans… Sounds delicious! But which level of roast should you go for? Here's a rundown of their qualities:

U.S.A. Coffee - You Think Importing Oil is Bad?

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The United States is one of the largest consumers of coffee and oil in the world. But while the U.S. can actually produce its own domestic oil, it does have major challenges in terms of coffee production simply because the coffee plants have very particular needs in terms of soil and climate. Most of the U.S. doesn't fit into those needs.

Fresh Roasted Coffee at the Deerfield Fair

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It's fitting that New England's oldest, “Family Fair,” welcomes the organic and locally made coffee of the Woodshed Roasting Company. From Sept. 26-29th, at the Deerfield Fair, we'll be serving up our own brand of java for the fair's attendants. Our fresh roasted coffee started, not as long ago as the Deerfield Fair, but from similar humble and honest beginnings. From his small garage in Laconia, NH, Brad, from Woodshed Roasting, decided to become a fresh coffee roaster. He began brewing his own fresh roasted coffee in 2010. From there, he reached out to locally owned businesses and soon saw a growing market for the roasted coffee beans he was producing.

Tips & Techniques for brewing the perfect cup of coffee

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There’s several ways to brew coffee. These are the most frequently used and popular methods.