Coffee? So You're That Type of Person, Eh?

Posted by Wood Shed Roast on 8/27/2014 to General

If our coffee cups could talk, it seems that it could spill a lot of beans - pun intended - about us.

We are not all that anonymous to strangers, after all, are we?

It turns out, research has revealed that the coffee you drink could very well announce some aspects of your personality. While everyone is different, the research seems to pinpoint at least a few commonalities between drinkers of certain types or coffee.

Now, to be fair, the sample size we're referring to is only about 1,000 coffee drinkers and it did not include anyone who drank only tea or had other caffeinated drinks like sodas. However, some interesting things came out of the research, based on your preferred style of coffee:

  • Straight black - Patient and simple but resistant to change, set in his/her ways. Considered "purists." Quiet but moody.

  • Latte - Generous with time; seeks comfort, but tends to have too many irons in the fire.

  • Frappuccino - Socially bold, wiling to try new things and be adventurous; possibly reckless.

  • Cappuccino/Decaf coffee - Perfectionist, tend to want to be in control or controlling. Overly sensitive; can be worrier; very health-conscious.

  • Instant coffee - Laid back; procrastinator; poor planner.