Ensure Your Coffee Gives You The Quality Cup of Coffee You Expect and Deserve

Posted by Wood Shed Roast on 6/1/2015 to General

If you are willing to pay extra for top-quality, perhaps single-origin, coffee, odds are that you hope to brew and drink some mighty fine cups of coffee. However, finding and buying high-quality coffee is just the first step in the coffee-enjoying process. To ensure that your final cup of coffee is of the top quality that you expect, you have got to control how it is stored, when it is ground, how you brew it and with what you brew it with.

Storing Top Quality Coffee Beans

When storing coffee beans, you must keep in mind that air, moisture, and time are the enemy to a perfect cup of coffee. This means you need to store your whole beans in a place that is dry and, if possible, a vacuum. Also, you need to only buy a small enough quantity of coffee beans that you can use in about three weeks. Beans’ quality dramatically drops after their package has been opened.  

Some other guidelines to properly storing coffee is to keep it in light-proof containers since direct light can dry out coffee beans. Oh, and if you have been keeping your coffee beans in the freezer, stop right now! Cold temperatures can crack the beans, which exposes more surface area to the air. It is best to store coffee beans at room temperature in an airtight container.   

Grinding Your Coffee Beans

If possible, only grind your coffee beans right before you are going to brew your coffee. This takes some time, so if need be, you can get by with grinding your beans every few days and still end up with some great coffee.

Brewing Your Top-Quality Coffee

To end up with a perfect cup of coffee you must make sure your brewing equipment is CLEAN. Old grounds and water deposits do not taste good, so keep them out of your coffee.

Also, once the coffee has been brewed, keep in mind that its flavor profile starts to immediately deteriorate, which means that you should try to consume and/or serve it all within 20 minutes. At no time should you ever reheat coffee.