Fair Trade Coffee: October is Fair Trade Month!

Posted by Kevin on 10/8/2013 to Events

As a member of the Fair Trade Association, Woodshed Roasting is proud to spread the word about October’s month long celebration of Fair Trade! We’ve been selling fair trade coffee for years now so are always excited when October comes around. As a coffee roaster, one has to work well with local farmers and gourmet coffee bean producers to make a quality product. And, this entire month, our fair trade coffee will prove to tasters and fair trade enthusiasts that we take our relationship with the Fair Trade Association very seriously.

Spreading the word with fresh roasted coffee

This year’s campaign theme is, “Buy Fair. Be Fair.” The goal is simple: increase awareness and demandfor Fair Trade Certified products and deepen the impactof Fair Trade in farming communities around the world. We’d like to invite you all to participate in this month’s undertaking with a few simple ideas.

First of all, let everyone you know that October is Fair Trade month! And visit their website at BeFair.org to find out which US city has been ranked the fairest and then take the quiz to see how your city ranks. Then use one of our suggested facebook or twitter posts to spread the word online. You can also watch and share the, “Buy Fair. Be Fair,” video that shows children explaining to their parents the virtues of Fair Trade.

At Woodshed Roasting, we take our role as a Fair Trade member very seriously. It’s not just a slogan or an extra credential or some business tool we use to increase profits. We have real relationships with real local farmers, and know how much work and passion they put into their lives. We know how much recognition they deserve. We don’t work with faceless corporations or suppliers. Our fresh roasted coffee comes from our friends here in NH. Our fair trade coffee ultimately helps to support local farmers and growers. And we do this only to deliver to our customers the finest fresh roasted coffee there is.