Fair Trade Fresh Roasted Coffee

Posted by Kevin on 1/15/2014 to General
The fact that technology is advancing at such an unprecedented and exponential rate is made apparent in almost every aspect of our lives. Every day, we are inundated with a landscape based on a corporate mentality where people’s labor becomes a mere commodity and middle men punctuate the socioeconomic culture we all live in with loop holes and corner cutting. When it comes to the interest of consumers, this ultimately leads to an overall decreased level of quality when it comes to many of the goods and services that we all need and want. This is why, at Woodshed Roasting, we strongly emphasize our relationship with, “Fair Trade,” by making fresh roasted coffee available from all over the globe. 

The Fair Trade organization is one that works to promote the actual fairness in the import/export industry. In lesser developed countries, where their main exports are primarily organic things like roasted coffee beans, bananas, and other crops, farmers have less support when it comes to the international wholesale selling of their products. They’re generally overshadowed by larger, more powerful corporations that have the resources to more cheaply and quickly import and export goods on a daily basis. 

Fair Trade in Action 

Especially for farmers in very rural parts of the world, Fair Trade works to make sure that their efforts and labor are properly compensated. For example, most small coffee farmers live and work in areas that are not easily accessible and don’t always have access to credit. This makes them susceptible to middle men who pay cash for their coffee at a fraction of its real value. What Fair Trade does is create open lines of communication between these farmers and importers while guaranteeing the farmers a minimum price for their goods. This works to create a relationship of long-term sustainability which, in turn, more fairly compensates the farmers producing crops like coffee. As a small, community-oriented business ourselves, we understand the plight of farmers all around the world and work with Fair Trade to ensure that the suppliers of our fresh roasted coffee are being treated fairly. 

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