Finding the Coffee for you

Posted by Kevin on 3/27/2014 to General
Most coffee drinkers have been at it for a rather substantial period of time, starting as a young adult. It is not typically something you just decide to start drinking any given day of your adulthood. If it is, it is usually just to fill a caffeine void. That said, a lot people are creatures of habit and tend to brew the same coffee, the same exact way, every single day and become content. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this mindset. However, adjusting a factor or two that equate to your morning cup of coffee can pay huge dividends. After all, you should love your coffee. 

 The world of coffee is so vast and has so much to offer that I have been working for Woodshed Roasting Company for nearly 3 years and I continue to learn as much as I have time for. A lot of coffee gurus put a lot of time and resources into developing coffee knowledge. But don't get me wrong, coffee and music are a lot alike in that you don't have to know a ton about it to love it. From the standpoint of the consumer, taking a risk on a new coffee can be expensive and remorseful if you cannot tolerate the coffee you purchased. I am fortunate that I can experiment with my taste buds at a very low cost. I am not bragging. Okay, maybe I am. Our solution to this is that we are willing to work with our customers to find that coffee you have always longed for, that "wow" cup of coffee. 

 Behind every successful business, there are happy customers and we firmly believe in that. Our goal is to provide you with the coffee you find to be most desirable. We have a wide array of specialty coffees to offer, and there is really no reason as to why we can't find the coffee for you. The bad news; the process has to be trial and error. The good news; we are willing to work with you and provide small amounts of coffee at a low cost to establish your "wow" cup of coffee. 

 There are several factors to consider when trying to find the coffee you like most. At the top of the list comes freshness, origin and roast level (this is, of course, assuming you are purchasing specialty coffee). Once you have established these three things to your liking, comes the process of brewing. You can buy the best coffee known to man and brew a horrible cup of coffee. Brewing plays a huge role into your satisfaction. The three things you really want to establish for brewing are water temperature and quality, coffee to water ratio, and grind level. The grind level is rather arbitrary because there are several methods of brewing, and each goes hand in hand with a specific grind. If coffee is part of your daily routine, why settle for just an okay coffee? Once you find your favorite coffee, you will be amazed how much of a difference it can make in your day!