Fresh Roasted Coffee at the Deerfield Fair

Posted by Kevin on 9/17/2013 to General
It’s fitting that New England’s oldest, “Family Fair,” welcomes the organic and locally made coffee of the Woodshed Roasting Company. From Sept. 26-29th, at the Deerfield Fair, we’ll be serving up our own brand of java for the fair’s attendants. Our fresh roasted coffee started, not as long ago as the Deerfield Fair, but from similar humble and honest beginnings. From his small garage in Laconia, NH, Brad, from Woodshed Roasting, decided to become a fresh coffee roaster. He began brewing his own fresh roasted coffee in 2010. From there, he reached out to locally owned businesses and soon saw a growing market for the roasted coffee beans he was producing.

NH: A Delicious History

The history of the Deerfield fair parallels that of the Woodshed Roasting Company in a few ways. In the Deerfield Historical Society, a diary can be found that details the first, “Deerfield Fair,” having taken place in 1877. It was a modest gathering of a few townsfolk but wasn't held at the fairgrounds of today. Throughout the years, varying accounts of similar gatherings were brandied about as gossip, but it wasn't until 1924, that the first official “Deerfield Fair,” was held at the fairgrounds we still flock to today.

As the Deerfield Fair soon began producing family oriented contests like best horse, best preserves, and various prizes as entertainment, its impact on NH history grew deeper. In the same way, the Woodshed Roasting Company has carved its own niche into NH history by becoming Rainforest Alliance Certified, members of NH Made, BIBA, and the Lakes Region of Chamber of Commerce.

So come join in the ongoing indomitable history of NH with the Woodshed Roasting Company and The Deerfield Fair.