Fresh Roasted Coffee from Around the World

Posted by Kevin on 3/3/2014 to General

At Woodshed Roasting Company, we’re currently offering free shipping on our fresh roasted coffee from around the globe. For both our new and existing customers, we encourage them to enter the promo code, “freeship,” while checking out at our online store. And we highly encourage anyone to give our shop a visit at 116 Hounsell Ave. in Laconia, NH. We’re open Monday through Friday from 8am-3pm. With a visit to our retail shop, you’ll quickly notice that we’re unlike most coffee roasters in NH. One thing that really sets us apart is our ability to provide our customers with custom orders of high quality fresh roasted coffee and roasted coffee beans.

In an article published by New Hampshire’s, “The Hippo,” magazine, owner and operator Brad Fitzgerald said, “We are roast-to-order, and it’s fresh. Any of our single origins we can roast from white to dark, so if someone likes a dark roast Peruvian and you can’t find it anywhere, we can do that. If somebody wants a flavored decaf, like a French vanilla or pumpkin spice decaf, we can do that. Those are very hard to find. We can roast from one pound up.”

Our Commitment to Excellence

It’s this type of exceptional customer service combined with high quality coffee from some of the finest coffee bean producers around the globe that has kept Woodshed Roasting Company thriving and successful. We are supplied coffee from major coffee growing producers in countries like Indonesia, Sumatra, Tanzania, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Peru, Bolivia, Hawaii, and Nicaragua. These countries exist in environments that are perfect for the year round farming and harvesting of the finest coffee in the world. When you buy fresh roasted coffee from Woodshed, you know that it’s supplied directly from farmers across the globe. And, being Rainforest Alliance Certified and USDA Organic, you know that our coffee comes from sources where farmers are treated and paid fairly.

Not only do we believe that NH coffee can be better, but that it can also be made available without the interference of corporate middle men or the exploitation of laborers around the world. As a locally owned and operated business, we know the importance of being part of a community of responsible distributors and suppliers. Local businesses and workers thrive when they work together to produce goods and services that benefit their local communities. At Woodshed Roasting, we aim to keep this mutually beneficially relationship both locally and globally.

If you’re interested in the finest fresh roasted coffee available, contact us at: 603-737-2000