From Light to Dark: Which Coffee Roast Suits You?

Posted by Woodshed Roasting Company on 2/21/2015 to Coffee Roasting

Before you go shopping for coffee, you might want to know the difference among the various levels of roast. This way, you can limit your options and decide on one that would suit your taste and purpose best.

Roasted coffee beans… Sounds delicious! But which level of roast should you go for? Here's a rundown of their qualities:

Light Roast

If you enjoy drinking coffee without much of the bitter and strong taste, you ought to go for this one. It comes with a milder flavor. It's usually combined too with various flavors, so you're bound to come across light roasted options with chocolatey, buttery, and fruity hints.

When you also go for light roast, you'll surely be able to taste the difference between different types such as when comparing Kenyan with American or Vienna coffee. All these are examples of light roasted coffee.

Medium Roast

Many people appreciate the medium roast, a good balance of bitterness and sweetness. It's usually of a dark brown color, such as with the European roast. This will enable you to experience better the real taste of coffee while not going too acidic, strong, or dark. It also comes in a wide array of flavors.

In our collection, you might enjoy the Guatemala medium roast or our Peru decaf medium roast, among others.

Dark Roast

There are some who really look for the strength and bitterness of dark roasted coffee. Think bold and rich flavor, sometimes sort of burnt too. A bit of berry, citrus, or floral can also be incorporated in some variants, although most may taste alike.

If you wish to be wide awake and alert, black coffee is the way to go. Dark roast will surely bring you such effects. Sumatrans and the French are certainly known for this type of coffee roast. Our Papua New Guinea, Sumatra Mandheling, and Ethiopian Harrar are some of our medium-dark roast options which you're bound to love!

Indeed tons of individuals around the world are crazy over coffee. You just have to pick out your own preference when it comes to roast levels before you actually buy for your own brews. Enjoy!