Roasted Coffee Beans for Christmas!

Posted by Kevin on 12/11/2013 to General

At Woodshed Roasting, our success is based on exceptional customer service and an intense focus on producing quality products. We’re highly selective when it comes to the roasted coffee beans and the organic coffee that we offer our consumers. We also strive to make ordering our coffee as easy as possible for coffee lovers everywhere. So we’d like to take this time to summarize what we have available for our online shoppers.

With Christmas right around the corner, our roasted coffee beans, organic coffee, k cups, and more make excellent gifts for the coffee lovers in all of our lives. One coffee accessory that works perfectly as a gift is the, “Clever Coffee Dripper.” For home use, this practical coffee maker can turn anyone into a coffee roaster.

Easy Shopping Online

The Clever Coffee Dripper makes a fantastic cup of coffee while being easy and fun to use. You simply pour water over the coffee grounds and the shut-off valve design holds the coffee until the brewing process is complete. Utilizing an easy to use coffee filter allows for easy cleanup and prevents the coffee grounds from getting into your coffee.

And, of course, we have a great deal of coffee beans, roasted coffee beans, and organic coffee beans available for our online shoppers as well. As always, for all orders over $70, shipping is completely free, and for orders between $35-$70, shipping is only $5.

We have a wide selection of flavored coffee, both caffeinated and decaffeinated, fair trade and organic coffee, as well as our own blends available at affordable prices. We also have what we call, “Single Origin Offerings.” These are coffee blends that come from specific coffee roasters’ farms all around the world. We offer roasted coffee beans from areas like Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Peru, Guatemala, and more. These coffee beans are professionally shipped to us directly from the farm in a way that ensures freshness and quality in each batch.

If you’re interested in purchasing coffee online or in person, contact us at: (603)-737-2000