Support moms growing Certified Fair Trade coffee this Mother's Day

Posted by Sandi on 5/9/2014

Mothers around the world have been contributing to the success of their community and their family by growing Fair Trade coffee. This Mother's Day, join hands with Fair Trade USA to support these hard working women who make a difference to the world.

This year, World Fair Trade Day and Mother's Day are celebrated on the May 10-11 weekend. This is the perfect opportunity for you to honor these incredible women. shares the stories of many inspirational moms from different parts of the world:

Mukantelina Soline, Rwanda

A single mother to three children, Mukantelina has been able to earn additional income through Fair Trade that allowed her to get electricity and food to provide for her family and save her kids from malnutrition. Although life hasn't been easy for her, Fair Trade provided her many benefits that made life easier and brighter.

Like Mukanteline, countless other moms have been able to earn additional income and lead a better life because of Fair Trade. While growing Certified Fair Trade coffee is never easy, it gives them the opportunity of a brighter, happier future.

Spread the word and support Fair Trade

As consumers, there is much we can do to support these inspirational women. Spread the word and support the Fair Trade movement. When you buy Fair Trade products, you contribute to the livelihoods of countless such women who otherwise have to face numerous challenges in providing for their families. Since the inception of Fair Trade, it has empowered countless women throughout the world in the coffee supply chain. With your contributions, these women receive the help they need to take ownership and leadership roles in co-operatives. It also helps moms earn better incomes and improve quality of life for their families.