The French Press: World’s Greatest Single Cup Coffee Maker

Posted by Wood Shed Roast on 1/3/2015 to General

A non coffee-drinking visitor to 2015 could be forgiven for believing that the only coffee maker in the US is the single cup maker. After all, these makers, in many cases a Keurig machine, are found in all sorts of places such as business offices, dorm rooms, homes and dentist offices nowadays. And, make no mistake about it, these machines are very practical (heck, even we at the Woodshed Roasting Company offer single serve cups that are compatible with K-cup brewers) and quick.

However, I am here to request just one thing: before you buy a K-cup brewer or other single-cup maker, please consider the humble French press, for it is that basic brewer that many consider to be the world’s greatest single cup maker.   

What is the French Press?

Also called a press pot coffee maker, the French press coffee maker is made up of a cylinder container and a plunger filter that is part of its lid. To make coffee using a press pot coffee brewer, all you need to do is put the right amount of freshly ground coffee into the maker’s container and then slowly pour in water that has just stopped boiling. Slowly stir the mixture until all of the grounds are wet and then place the lid on top of the container with the plunger in the fully upright position. Wait from three to four minutes to let the coffee grounds steep in the hot water. Once that time has passed, slowly and evenly press the plunger down so that it pushes all of the grounds to the bottom of the container. That is it. Everything is ready to go. Just gently pour the coffee from the container into your coffee cup and enjoy.   

Simplicity of the French Press

Having only two separate parts and no disposable filter, a press pot is as simple as can be to use and to clean up. Also, French pot users do not have to purchase anything else to use them other than the coffee.  

Adaptability of the French Press

Every French press can make a single cup simply by using just enough coffee and water for that amount. There is no other work that needs to be done to make that conversion.

The Gorgeously Delicious Brew of the French Press

French presses have earned a reputation of making wonderful coffee because they give the grounds a longer time to steep especially when compared to a drip coffee maker. This extra time allows flavors to be fully coaxed from the beans and to develop wholly.