Tips On How To Make A Great Cup Of Coffee

Posted by Woodshed Roast on 9/9/2014 to General

A hot cup of coffee in the morning can do wonders to rejuvenate you. It makes the mind alert and prepares you to the face the day with a renewed sense of optimism. Here are some simple tips to help you make a great cup of coffee.


When you buy coffee beans, make sure to store them properly. Avoid areas where there is excess exposure to heat and moisture. When the beans are exposed to extremes in temperature, it ends up affecting the oils in the coffee beans and alters its cell structure. Empty the beans into a Tupperware box which is known to be very air tight. Another alternative would be is to use glass or ceramic jars. You could also use an airtight zip lock bag to store the beans.

Quality Coffee Beans

This is often the most important requisite to having a great cup of coffee. You need to use good quality coffee beans to get richness of flavor. It would also be advisable to use whole coffee beans since they are known to maintain flavor for longer periods. You can easily grind them by using a blade type grinder. This way, you can drink coffee that is freshly ground and enjoy the full impact of all its aromatic flavors. You can get high quality coffee beans from


Since a cup of coffee contains 98 per cent water, you need to use filtered water to get the best results. If the water is impure or has an acidic taste, it could severely impact the taste of the drink. You also need to make sure that you do not add excess sugar. High levels of fructose can alter the taste considerably.

Additional Ingredient

Just add a little bit of powdered cinnamon to your morning coffee to get that extra zip. Cinnamon is a popular herb which is tasty and also possess several medical properties. Studies have revealed that cinnamon helps to lower cholesterol, lower blood glucose and triglycerides in diabetic patients.