Tips & Techniques for brewing the perfect cup of coffee

Posted by Alicia on 4/30/2013 to Coffee Roasting
Tips and Techniques for brewing the perfect cup o’ coffee!

Recommended method of brewing.         

There’s several ways to brew coffee.  These are the most frequently used and popular methods.

Pour-over: The pour-over method consists of a container with a hole in the bottom that holds a coffee filter over a cup or carafe. You simply place your grinds in the filter and pour the hot water slowly and evenly over all of the grinds.

Press pot: The press pot, commonly called French press method is another way to make a good cup of coffee. Place coarsely ground beans into the pot, then add hot water. After a few minutes you press the filter/plunger down to separate the grounds.

Vacuum pot: Maybe one of the coolest ways to brew your coffee, a vacuum pot works by placing ground coffee and water into two separate chambers. The water is then heated and, as it begins to boil, it’s sucked up into the chamber with the grinds. Turning off the heat brings the coffee (and not the grinds) back into the lower chamber. It’s fun to watch and makes a great cup of coffee!

Auto-drip: While it is definitely the most convenient (at home) method, it doesn’t necessarily brew the best cup of coffee possible due to less-than-ideal water temperature and poor grind saturation.  Just follow the instructions that come with the coffee maker.

Whichever method you chose have fun and be creative.  Enjoy your next cuppa joe!