What’s the Perfect Partner for Your Brewed Coffee?

Posted by Woodshed Roasting Company on 12/20/2014 to General

While coffee is a beverage that can be enjoyed on its own, it doesn't hurt to find a perfect partner for this drink. So what goes best for your cup of brewed coffee? No, it isn't about that commercial creamer- it’s about the baked and fried goodies that help bring the coffee-drinking experience into a whole new level. There are differed baked products around, but only a few gets into the personal list of coffee drinkers and connoisseurs.

Coffee and donuts- This is perhaps the first choice among busy professionals wanting to find a perfect complement for coffee. The ring-shaped fried goodness, available in frosted or glazed has managed to capture the imagination and taste buds of coffee drinkers around the world. Donuts or doughnuts as spelled traditionally are popularly sugary treat that work well with coffee’s strong and bitter taste. Donuts now come in different varieties, from basic glazed, plain cake, Bavarian-filled and fancy creations. Whatever donut type is chosen, one can be sure of heavenly pairing that works every time.

Cake and coffee- Just like in donuts, coffee can also offer a balancing effect to cake sweetness. For dark roast coffee, a slice of chocolate cake will serve as the best partner. The sweetness of chocolate mousse cake can be tempered by Arabica-based brewed coffee. Coffee connoisseurs agree that finding the perfect combination of coffee and cake is an art form in itself.  Coffee authorities suggest brownies for Guatemalan or Indonesian coffee, or a carrot cake if you have a cup of Costa Rican coffee. Try different pairings between coffee and different cake varieties to find out what suits your palate.

Cinnamon rolls, caramel pecan and apple pies and coffee- Coffee beans sourced from Asia and the Pacific have low acidity and herbal notes, thus making these brews as the perfect accompaniment for cinnamon, pies and muffins. The same coffee brews can also work with a variety of flavors like herbs, maple, toffee, cheese and butter.

Not necessarily a primary choice for coffee purists, a cup of coffee paired with donuts, cake or even cinnamon rolls also work as early morning rituals or for snacks. There’s no solid rule when it comes to the best food item that can be paired with your brewed coffee. Consider these as suggestions, or you can always mix and match coffee bean varieties and your preferred baked goodies to discover the best pairing for your next cup of coffee.