What Foods Are Best Paired With Coffee?

Posted by Sandi on 6/5/2013 to General


 What Foods Are Best Paired With Coffee?

Wine connoisseurs know about pairing different foods with different types of wines. For example, red wines, like a merlot goes well with steak dinner or a white wine goes well with seafood dishes. However, coffee lovers don’t, as a rule, discuss the different types of food that can go well with coffee.  Most folks in general like something sweet with their coffee, and drink it after a meal, if at a restaurant. Did you know it could also be matched with an entrée? Coffee, like wine, brings out the flavors in savory items, and has flavor notes like berries, caramel, cocoa, floral, nuts and spice that excite the palate.

Sometimes you may be looking for foods that are not the sugary fattening kind to enjoy with your cup of Joe.  Did you know there are foods that aren’t pastry or sweet that you can pair with a meal?  You can find foods with protein, fiber and good fat that pair well with your morning coffee. 

Consider KIND bars, which are simply nuts, dried fruit and honey, or oatmeal. Also, fresh fruits, believe it or not can work very well with your coffee. Coffees that have smooth, natural chocolaty, and nutty tones goes well with any salad, biscotti, or shortbread. Coffees with a rich, fruity taste, and with hints of berries, and medium roasted go well with spicy dishes or bread.  Coffee with naturally exotic, earthy, or intensely smoky taste go well with heavy cuisines like roast beef or lamb, tomato sauce or sautéed vegetables.

There is really no formula as to the kind of food that really goes well with coffee. This is true with any kind of food and beverages. Every food and beverages preference would still depend on one’s taste buds. By all means, feel free to indulge in your favorite pastry or bagel with your coffee, but if you want to lessen your sugar and carbohydrate intake, try savory with your coffee drink.