Why a Coffee Break Still Matters in the Office

Posted by Woodshed Roasting Company on 11/11/2014 to General

Having a ‘coffee break’ is now solidly ingrained in office culture that one can’t think of an office working environment without a coffee maker or coffee station a few steps away. While not everyone drinks coffee in an average workplace, there’s no denying the fact that coffee is a popular drink for many. According to National Coffee Drinking Trends (2010) of National Coffee Association, 54 percent of all American adults drink coffee every day. This statistics validate the information almost everyone already know – coffee drinking is now part of a person’s lifestyle and this can be manifested even inside an office environment. And if you can conduct a quick survey of a number of offices and production areas in the country, chances are you’ll find a coffee maker that’s ready to serve a busy office worker. This trend is not expected to slow down; rather a coffee-drinking culture in the office environment is expected to grow thanks to a number of benefits and advantages.

Drinking coffee can help boost productivity

Coffee and its many variants are popular drinks and these are served almost everywhere. Coffee shops can be found in the neighborhood, homes are now equipped with coffee makers and offices have their own coffee makers as well. So what could be the reason for easy availability of coffee in the market? The society now requires sustained productivity at designated hours, and in busy working environments productivity should be present at all times. This is where coffee fits the picture- a cup of coffee is often the go-to solution for employees wanting energy boost. Caffeine is a popular stimulant, and this helps employee fight off boredom and sluggishness. Drinking coffee is often the answer of employees to non-productive hours, and often a daily fix for many to jumpstart their day.

Coffee makes office collaboration possible

Taking a coffee break with a co-worker can boost productivity levels and foster relationships within the working environment. Taking a coffee break with colleagues isn’t just the perfect opportunity to enjoy coffee and the stimulation that comes with it. Inviting co-workers for a coffee break provides a platform to talk things over, have fun and collaborate on a number of work-related issues. In short, coffee becomes only secondary to a productive talk that can happen among office workers.

For years, there has been increasing number of literature on the health effects of drinking coffee. But more than these laboratory-certified benefits, coffee-drinking has advantages too inside the office environment. Drinking coffee can help boost employee productivity, and can also act as a ‘social lubricant.