Woodshed Roasting Participating in NH Coffee Festival in Laconia

Posted by Sandi on 8/6/2013 to Events

Woodshed Roasting Participating in the NH Coffee Festival!

On Saturday September 14th, Laconia, NH is hosting the New Hampshire Coffee Festival and your friends from Woodshed Roasting will be there!  The festival runs from 1pm to 5pm.  Join us in and around beautiful and historical downtown Laconia for tasting, art, family-friendly fun, music and more.  Please come and visit Woodsheds booth for all the fun and excitement!  Mark your calendars!

Fun Coffee Fact!                                                       
Coffee was introduced to civilization around the 15th century, made from the roasted seeds (called “berries”) of the Coffea plant.  These seeds are cultivated mainly in Latin America, Southeast Asia, India and Africa.   However, the Arabs were the first to cultivate and trade in coffee beans.