Know Your Roasts

Posted by 3dcart SEM Team on 1/27/2015
Coffee aficionados know just how they like it. To them, coffee is more than just a drink, it’s a ritual. It’s how they start their morning off, get through a slow day at the office and often how they cap off a perfect dinner and dessert.

The Impact of Origin on the Flavor of Your Coffee

Posted by Wood Shed Roast on 1/23/2015 to Coffee Flavors
The flavor of the coffee in your cup is determined by many factors to include the soil its bush was grown in, the elevation it grew at, when the beans were picked, the amount of water the bush received, and how the beans were harvested and stored. 

The French Press: World’s Greatest Single Cup Coffee Maker

Posted by Wood Shed Roast on 1/3/2015 to General
Although new types of coffee makers seem to hit the market every year the truth is that coffee brewing is still coffee brewing. To make a fine cup of coffee, all you need is quality coffee that has freshly been ground, hot water, and a method of mixing the two. And, one of the greatest tools for doing just this is the French Press. 

3 Dreadful Illnesses You Can Avoid with Fresh Coffee

Posted by Woodshed Roasting Company on 1/3/2015 to General

When you consume fresh coffee on a regular basis, you'll certainly benefit tremendously from its wonderful contributions to your health. Many studies have long proven that coffee offers a whole range of health benefits. A lot of people today are still not aware that daily consumption of this beverage, most especially roasted fresh beans, can actually save them from dreadful and possibly fatal illnesses.

According to several studies, drinking coffee will help you avoid these terrible diseases:

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